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See how Power Packaging helps the world's largest consumer packaged goods manufacturers overcome major challenges and become more profitable.

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Empowering People Drives Performance

Take a walk through one of our facilities. You will see not just how products flow and lines are managed, but how associates are rewarded for their commitment to customer goals. Ours is a dynamic culture, fueled by a commitment to quality. Power Packaging associates take ownership of their jobs. In fact, we have a term for our hiring practices, “At Power Packaging we look for aptitude and attitude; we look for owners, rather than renters.”

How does this benefit you?

Customers can count on:

  • Food manufacturing expertise
  • A standardized set of tools that associates use to solve real business problems
  • Excellence in every customer touch point
    • Purchasing
    • Manufacturing
    • Warehousing
    • Engineering

Our customers say it best...

“Power Packaging is the one place I look for best practices.”

Overcome the Top 7 CPG Challenges

Learn how food and beverage companies can conquer current and future challenges and stay competitive and profitable for years to come.